Why is your website rendered in IE5 (Quirky) Mode?

If you see your Internet Explorer showing that it’s using IE5 (Quirky) mode for a particular website, you might be wondering why?

F12 Developer Mode in IE

As of the date this post has been written, IE11 is the latest version in most of the PCs (Edge is getting popular in Windows 10). So there are IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, and IE11 available. Despite several better options, why is your website is rendered in IE5?

  • Via intranet compatibility settings” means that this checkbox is selected in compatibility view settings: “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View
  • This checkbox is selected probably by your IT department
  • If this checkbox is selected and the page doesn’t have HTML5 document tag  (<!DOCTYPE html>), then the browser will render the page in IE5 (Quirks) mode


How to allow European characters in text fields by using regular expression?

You need input validation in your forms to keep your application secure. The best and easiest way to implement input validation is that using regular expressions (regex).

Here is a simple regex to make sure that only English alphabet is allowed in the text field for user’s first name:

<telerik:RadTextBox ID="txtFirstName" runat="server" Font-Size="Medium" Width="200px"></telerik:RadTextBox><span class="mandotaryField" title="Mandotary field"> *</span>
<asp:RegularExpressionValidator ID="regexFirstName" CssClass="ValidationMessage" SetFocusOnError="true" runat="server" Display="Dynamic" ValidationExpression="^[a-zA-Z]$" ControlToValidate="txtFirstName" ErrorMessage="Invalid name format"></asp:RegularExpressionValidator>

What if you want to allow more than English alphabet? Let’s say you have users from Europe so that you need your regex to accept European languages such as German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Irish, Albanian and more.

Use this regex to accept over 70 European (and some African) characters in your text field:


Here are the characters accepted by this regex:


More Information:

Solved: “An error occurred while signing: SignTool.exe not found”

This issue may come up when you try to publish your project in Visual Studio:

An error occurred while signing: SignTool.exe not found


The main cause is that you are missing ClickOnce Publishing Tools component in your Visual Studio installation. Simply follow these steps to solve this issue:

  1. Go to “Add/Remove Programs”
  2. Find “Visual Studio”. Click “Change”
  3. Select “Click Once Publishing Tools”
  4. Click “Next” and then click “Update”

Credits: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7548342/an-error-occurred-while-signing-signtool-exe-not-found